In Guimaraes, Portugal

My passion for food started way back when I was at primary school. I used to tell my parents “I want to be a cooker on TV”. I may not have taken the road of television but after I finished my Matric year I did go to chef school. I spent 2018 and half of 2019 studying to be a chef in Kwa-Zulu Natal at Jackie Cameron’s School of Food and Wine. After one year of studying on premises I moved to Cape Town where I did a six month internship at John Brown Media under the guidance of Justine Drake and her team.

Food writing has become something that I have worked on for many years. Having had Fibromyalgia for a number of years, I have now decided to integrate my passion for food and my growing knowledge on integrated health to create a blog where I will share mostly recipes but also information on lifestyle factors that can affect ones body.

My cooking has evolved over the last few years. Although my philosophy has always been cook simple, now more than ever I am refining my art of celebrating the natural flavor of food using cooking methods and ingredients that are of benefit to ones health to heal the body, brain and gut. My idea is to use as little processed foods as possible as well as reducing carbohydrate and dairy intake.

3 thoughts on “Simply Health

  1. My husband and I had Bobotie at a wedding and they served a platter of different condiments to eat with it. I would love to know what you would suggest to eat with this fabulous dish.

    1. Hello! What a nice thing to serve at a wedding! Traditionally we serve chutney with it (There is a brand here called Mrs Balls – it is not your normal indian chutney and is unique to South Africa ) as well as a range of other things like slices banana and dessicated coconut. But this is what I grew up eating Bobotie with. I serve it with yellow rice and raisins (Rice that has been cooked with a bit of tumeric and have had soaked raisins added.) We often served peas with it as well. I have got a recipe for bobotie on this blog as well from a couple of years ago.

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